Friday, February 3, 2012

Ten Things for Friday

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Columnist Ed likes to yell to make sure his points are heard:
  • I’m sitting here watching Bolton v. Arsenal and wondering why I’m doing so.  It seems that Wigan manager Roberto Maritnez is in the stands, as is Rafa Benitez, the latter of whom I expect is maintaining some visibility in hopes of getting another gig.  It’s got to be boring leaving the game once you’re in it, plus it’s a bit tougher to make the big bucks.  Just ask Mark Hughes.  It would be too brash to say that Benitez doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Clearly he’s had success with Liverpool, as well as other teams throughout Europe.  However, his last season with Liverpool was simply painful.
  • Chris Foy has got to be among the worst referees in the league.  Alex Song visibly grabs the arm of someone on Bolton for a good 30 to 40 yard run, no card.  In fact, for 37 minutes, it’s hard to get any call at all.  But then, Bolton’s Mark Davies flops, and Thomas Vermaelin gets a yellow card.  I’ve seen too many poor performances from Foy.  It's time to relegate him.
  • Who was it that kept talking about how Theo Walcott was just as good as Gareth Bale?  Oh, that’s right, it was the boss-man, FOF, who likes to make that very point and speak of how Bale is over-rated.  This usually comes right after some kind of diatribe/lament about how unfair the press is to Manchester United 'keeper David De Gea.  Well, one would hope that another season of Bale dominance and Walcott’s barely showing up should finally dispel that myth.  And one might be thinking just how similar DeGea and former Spurs' goalie Huerelho Gomes are appearing to be.
  • United has a lot of top-tier strikers and wings.  And that’s pretty much all they have.  It will be interesting to see if that’s enough to get them the title.  City’s slippage since the departure of Ya Ya Toure has allowed United to work its way back up top.  But can they stay there?  Can either Manchester team?  If so, it’s not because they’re so good, but rather because the top challengers – Spurs in particular – are still a player or two away themselves.  I should add that I’m tired of hearing about the insurmountable leads of City or United.  Right now, it’s at least a three horse race, as there’s more parity in the top six than there’s been in recent memory.  A good thing for the EPL.
  • Spurs' win at Wigan is big, not because Wigan is good, but because it shows that Spurs have galloped past the angst of the injustice at the Etihad.
  • How much of a difference has Landon Donovan made at Everton?  Well, I think the results speak for themselves, just as they did last time he joined the squad a few years ago.  I would love to see Lando play in the EPL; I’d also love to see him play for a better team than Everton.  Unfortunately, neither is going to happen, so we’ll all just have to enjoy him for the two or three games that remain on his loan.
  •  Fernando Torres has gone from one of the best in the League to someone whose presence in the line-up at any time has to be questioned.  His performances in the past two years are getting to the point where he needs to be sent back to the minors for a while to see if he can find himself again.  Sad, really.
  • Liverpool rose from the dead in the FA cup.  Amazing how having something to play for energized their game.  Let’s see if they can bring that same attitude to the EPL.
  • Mark Hughes is a good manager, but he’s not a good guy.  Taking a shot at his predecessor at QPR was unnecessary and mean spirited.  After what happened to him at City I wanted to like him.  After his behavior at Fulham and now at QPR, it’s clear he doesn’t deserve any sympathy.
This is farlieonfootie for February 3.

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