Monday, February 13, 2012

More Questions Than Answers, Part II: Round 25 in the BPL

Sunderland look a completely different side under Martin O'Neil, who is playing with roughly the same squad as his predecessor had....  Is Steve Bruce really that poor a manager?  The Black Cats were extremely unfortunate to lose 2-1 to the Arsenal on Saturday, although only a true Gooner-hater could begrudge Thierry Henry his late game winner in his last game in his beloved Arsenal kit....

o And where did this kid James McLean come from? This is more a rhetorical question, as I actually know where he came from (Derry City, brought in by Brucie to Sunderland), but what a difference that guy is making to a dangerous Sunderland side....

I wonder what Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner thinks of his decision to dump O'Neil now...?  Is Alex McLeish really filling O'Neil'
s boots?

o And speaking of clueless American owners in the EPL, what is one to make of the curious case of John W. Henry? The owner of Liverpool and the Boston Red Sox was conspicuously silent in his reaction to Luis Suarez' despicable racist behavior until the club finally issued a statement yesterday.  There's no way in the world that Henry would have allow this type of behavior -- condoned by the club and manager, no less -- to happen with the Boston Red Sox. Did he think Americans aren't paying attention because this was all happening overseas?

o And speaking of despicable racist behavior, Micha Richards chose to leave Twitter this week after being barraged by racist tweets.  What in the hell is happening in England?

o Did anyone else enjoy seeing the pair of American flags behind Tim Howard's goal as Everton took on Chelsea at Goodison Park on Saturday? There was one flag for each American in the Toffees' starting lineup. And with a shutout and an assist on the afternoon, the Yanks proved they're more than just a couple of pretty faces, too.

What in the world is wrong with Petr Cech, and how has he escaped the type of criticism solely reserved for David De Gea?  On at least three separate occasions on Saturday, Cech kicked the ball straight to an Everton player. As if trying to deflect attention away from his poor performance, Cech even tried the latest publicity stunt, Bradying, after he was beaten for the second time on the afternoon.

Petr Cech Tries the Newest U.S. Fad: Bradying

o Did Inspector Gadget (aka Andre Villas-Boas) see a ghost?  It certainly looked that way on Saturday, when Everton striker Denis Stracqualursi drilled in the second goal in Eveton's 2-nil win. And I've got a guess at what the Blues' diminutive bossman saw: the ghost of Chelsea's past -- and maybe future -- in the form of Jose Mourinho....

o Anyone want to add up all the assists and goals that Fernando Torres rained down on the BPL during Didier Drogba's absence at the African Cup of Nations?  Let's see: that'd be one assist, goals. I wonder how The Drog will ever force his way back into the Chelsea starting lineup...?

o Do you think Spurs were relieved by Uncle Harry's mid-week acquittal?  Apparently, they were so relieved to be done with their jury service and get back to playing football that they celebrated with five goals against the usually reliable Newcastle defense.

o Can the executives at Fox Soccer make it so that every screen shot of Spurs' holding midfielder comes with the following caption: "Scotty Parker, World War II Flying Ace"? He's just so damn dashing....

o What is Steven Fletcher doing at Wolves?  Fletcher is good, very good. Full stop. The rest of Wolves are not. Full stop, as well.

o Who's the sartorial genius at the FA that allowed Villa and City to play on Sunday ith both squads sporting dark tops and white shorts...?

o And one final question: Who's the farlieonfootie Player of the Week? It was a very close call between Emmanuel Adebayor and Peter Odemwingie, but the Nigerian's hat trick broke open a tight Black Country derby to give the Baggies an important win and himself the prestigious title for the week.

This is a questioning (and questionable) farlieonfootie for February 13.

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