Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Moa Brewing Breakfast Wheat Ale

(5.50% ABV)  I have to admit I was first attracted to this beer by its packaging.  Much like a reader who judges a book by its cover, I was intrigued enough by the attractive packaging to give this beer a try -- see below for a picture of the box that a four-pack of this unique wheat ale comes in.

Moa Breakfast Ale is fermented in a cork and cage bottle, and I poured it into a pilsner glass to enjoy. The beer comes out of the bottle a brilliant golden yellow, and man, this thing is absolutely alive with carbonation. It just looks zesty.... It's also got a head of foam that's as white as the highest mountain tops on the Southern Island of New Zealand, the area  from which this beer hails.  Interestingly, it's an area that's better known for its white wines than beer, but Moa Brewing is doing its best to change all that.

I'm getting floral notes on the nose. Moa Breakfast Ale smells sweet, like a subtle kind of bubble gum.  There's also a slight hint of perfumy fruit present.

Moa is a very easy drinker. It's crisp and refreshing, showcasing a delicate sweetness, with the same floral yeast and cherry notes as on the nose. Theres just the tiniest bit of Belgian funk noticeable, and a slightly sour finish that keeps this beer from being overly sweet.

It's a very light beer -- and a very enjoyable one, as well.  I could drink this beer all day long.  Moa: it's not just for breakfast anymore.  A-

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