Friday, February 10, 2012

Emotional Ginger

Correspondent Ed is an Emotional Ginger
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Correspondent Ed is in a fragile state of mind:
o Spurs played an almost perfect game last Monday.  They put on a defensive lineup, stayed behind the ball, and played for a draw.  I say almost perfect because Gareth Bale really should have scored, and they lost track of Luis Suarez for an instant, and he also should have scored. 

o I cannot understand the reluctance of Kenny Dalglish to start Suarez.  Surely he's been training and is ready to go.  In fact, he dramatically changed the scoring opportunities of Liverpool as soon as he entered the field.  If he was coming back from injury, sitting him is understandable.  But from a suspension it makes no sense.

o Speaking of Suarez, upon viewing the replay there is no question he should have been sent off for his kick of Scott Parker.  Immediately before the play, he gives a forearm to Parker's back.  There is no question that he knows Parker is there when swings his leg at him.  As someone not entirely familiar with Suarez's history, it's probably taken me too long to realize that this guy has problems.  The support of Dalglish and the Liverpool fan base will likely blow up in their faces on this one.

o But why, oh why, do we constantly have players getting away with this conduct in an era when we can review their actions on tape?  It's time for football associations worldwide to review and penalize dives and cheap shots.  It is hard to understand any rationale for not doing this.  Stopping the game is one thing, but allowing players like Adam Johnson to flop and admit he flopped (to his credit) without penalty is another. 

o Uncle Harry was found not guilty of tax evasion.  This is good news for Spurs fans worldwide, and hopefully will provide a much needed boost for the team and its manager for the final third of the season.  The problem, of course, is that now Redknapp is the odds-on favorite for the England team.  From 20,000 feet, I would think that the England position is a job no one should want -- intense scrutiny and pressure, minimal time to prepare, egos galoure, and overly optimistic expectations.  I'm also hoping that the loyalty of Spurs to Redknapp through the ordeal will get him to stay.  However, I do not know the pull that country will have on Uncle Harry.  We will see.

o Spurs without Redknapp is, of course, devastating to consider.  Spurs' somewhat limited budget makes them far more vulnerable than the other top club, and so Redknapp's ability to find deals in the market and keep players like Luka Modric on the team and happy is paramount.  Personal expectations of the team have also risen -- it would be hard to watch them become a Fulham or Stoke.  Or worse.  Plus, the open style of play of Spurs has been terrific to watch.  It's also difficult, if not impossible, to think of the appropriate replacement for Harry -- my best bet would be Swansea Manager Brendan Rogers, or Norwich Manager Paul Lambert.

o Who else for the England job?  I actually think that Alan Pardew or Martin O'Neil would each be terrific picks.  Pardew may bring some deeper analysis to the role.  O'Neil would bring consistency, defensive discipline, and fighting spirit.  If it's not Harry, I sincerely hope the FA stays in England this time.  It's somewhat ridiculous that a country filled with English managers has to hire someone as foreign as Fabio Capello. 

o As for Capello, I am not shocked he has been sent on his way.  He never seemed to get along with the players, and his tactics always seemed questionable despite the modicum of success he had.  Plus, I found him a ridiculous choice for England, but maybe that was just the weird eyeglasses.

o I'm not sure what to say, but with all of these things going on that could dramatically affect life at Spurs -- top 3, League championship, Uncle Harry, etc. etc. --  I would have to describe myself right now as feeling a bit emotionally ginger. 

Yep, I'm going with that.

This is farlieonfootie for February 10.

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