Friday, January 6, 2012

Twenty Questions

photo by Todd Kravosvia PhotoRee

Just because Correspondent Ed is so damn curious....
1.  How does United go from great (start of season) to awful (lose to Swiss Miss) to great again (two 5-nil wins) to awful again (losses to Blackburn and Newcastle)?

2.  When did Everton and Bolton become Championship division teams?

3.  Why does no one appreciate how good Clint Dempsey is except Fulham?

4.  Could Joe Hart be the best keeper in the world right now?  Is it even close for second?

5.  Will Spurs actually squeeze ahead of Manchester United this year?

6.  Swansea's players are tiny tiny good, and aren't they the Blackpool of 2011 except that they will stay up?

7.  When did Liverpool become Aston Villa, and when did Aston Villa become Wolves?

8.  The best thing to happen to Everton lately was picking up Landon Donovan, but will that be the worst thing to happen to Landon Donovan?

9.  Shouldn't goals scored by the keeper -- like the one scored by Tim Howard this week -- count for 4 times as many points as goals by forwards?

10.  Is it mean to note that Fernando Torres now only has two more goals this year than Tim Howard?

11.  Is Grant Holt the ugliest, meanest canary on the planet?

12.  Is anyone but me surprised that Peter Crouch is having such a good year with Stoke, and why does everyone who plays against him seem to act like it was the first time they've played against him?

13.  Does Jermaine Defoe have the quickest release in the EPL, and shouldn't he start for Spurs again?

14.  Am I the only person that enjoys watching Roy Hodgson get frustrated?

15.  How much do you think Andre Villas-Boas hates it when old, slow, cranky Frankie Lampard bails him out with another goal?

16.  Martin O'Neil can definitely motivate his team and get it done, but did anyone else notice his 45-inch vertical leap after the goal against City?

17.  Is that English Roberto Mancini is speaking, and can someone please send him a Rosetta Stone CD?

18.  Is FOF really going to start home brewing beer in his Y2K cellar after he removes all of the crates of 12-year-old creamed corn? [Ed. Note: Those are laid down solely for disaster preparation, I can assure you.]

19.  Does anyone watch Stoke other than people from Stoke?

20.  Isn't it nice to see the EPL in such dramatic disarray?  And doesn't that make for a great January transfer window and and even better second half of the season?
This is farlieonfootie for January 6.

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