Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Brouwerij Corsendonk Christmas Ale (Strong Dark Belgian Ale)

(8.50% ABV).   So this was one worth waiting for....  I had previously reviewed the fine brown ale made by this legendary Belgian brewer, but hadn't had the opportunity to quaff a glass of the seasonal Christmas Ale until just this past week.   It was served on draft at Tap 42, and poured into a goblet. 

Corsendonk Christmas Ale was a dark, thick-ish brown, with a heavy viscocity -- virtually the color of prune juice.  On draft the beer offered only a thin white head that was almost fully gone by the time my server brought the beer to my table; it would be interesting to contrast this with the same beer poured out of a bottle.... 

The beer smelled both malty and citrusy, and there was some coriander evident on the nose.  I also caught just the faintest bit of a pepperish spice -- similar to what happened with their brown ale, though, I couldn't identify it exactly.   Overall, though, the beer's smell was fairly muted -- and very mild.

The taste was not as big and bold as some other seasonal offerings -- Delirium Noel or the St. Bernardus Christmas Ale, for example -- but it was perfectly balanced.  The beer was richly sweet and malty, but also fairly carbonated -- I'd call it crisp, in fact.

This is definitely one of my favorite ales of the season: highly recommended.  A+

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