Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fool's Gold

photo by cogdogblogvia PhotoRee

Herewith, some nuggets of gold after panning through the weeks' activites in the EPL:
  • Newboy Luis Suarez' playing style seems straight out of the Carlos Tevez playbook. Although Liverpool skipper Stevie G. believes the Toothsome-one will improve when he adjusts to the speed of the English game, I suggest that it might be more critical for Suarez to do the opposite: slow down and think about what he's doing rather than run around the pitch like a chicken with his head cut off.
  • Anyone else think it's strange to be bringing an air-powered rifle to the office?  Apparently not Ashley Cole. Although he reportedly seemed surprised when it discharged into an intern from only a few feet away, perhaps it was due to his shock at hitting the intended target -- a relative rarity for the Chelsea left back this season.
  • West Ham look much more dangerous with Demba Ba (is there a more melodious name in the entire EPL?) and Thomas Hitzlsperger (definitely not his!) in the squad. Ba scored for the third time in three games, and looked lively virtually every time the ball found his feet. Only time will tell regarding my prediction from a month ago that the Hammers won't be relegated, but after defeating Liverpool this weekend they're now dangerously close to being out of the drop zone, and with their newfound offensive sparks I think I'm on the right side of that bet.
  • I loved the little handshake kerfuffle between Mark Hughes and Roberto Mancini at the end of the Fulham - City contest.  Hughes flings Mancini's hand away in disgust when he realizes the well-coiffed one has not even deigned to look in his direction as he vaguely offered his hand.  "... I just didn’t think Roberto acknowledged the efforts of my team and how well we’d done, by the way he offered his hand," said Sparky.  Well said, and true -- he didn't!
This is farlieonfootie for March 1.

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