Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Just A Game

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As any employer knows, the hardest part of running a business is dealing with employees.  And we're not immune to those issues here at farlieonfootie.  Correspondent Ed's column was supposed to run this morning -- actually, it was originally supposed to be submitted by Tuesday, but did any of you miss it?  Anyone?  Anyone...?  No, didn't think so. -- but I was just told a few minutes ago that Ed "couldn't get it done," was "headed to a family vacation in the Florida Keys," was "very busy this week," yada yada yada.  And so you get me.  Again.  Here it is:

So, it's days like today that put life in perspective.  I expected to be writing a weekly roundup, or an article discussing Nani's importance to Manchester United this season, or a blog entry offering some pre-game thoughts on the FA Cup matchup at Old Trafford with Arsenal tomorrow.  But I can't.  I just can't do it.

Instead, I'm struck dumb by the devastating and horrific images coming out of Japan tonight.  As light comes up on that country on the day after one of the worst natural disasters of our time, the immense scope of the problems are just coming to light.  Smoke, fire, water, and scenes reminiscent of the End of Days.  Reports of hundreds and possibly thousands of of people dead, and millions more with lives impacted or ruined.  Normal, innocent people, people just like you and me, people who had little to no warning of what was to come.  People half a world away, but for whom my heart breaks here on this distant shore.

And the images have served to remind me of what's really important in this life: family, friends, and health.  Everything else is secondary, even football.  We as United fans, or Liverpool fans, or as Chelsea or Arsenal or Spurs fans, tend to think of our team's games as important, and a win or loss not only can but often does change our mood for better or worse.  It happens to me on many occasions: United win and all in life is bright and sunny.  Lately, life's been a little gloomier, and I've found myself cursing both fate and Martin Atkinson.   But in the end I find myself today questioning what it all means, and why I get so worked up.

Is there anything more important than our health, and the health and welfare of our family and friends? Is there anything that we wouldn't give to rewind time and make the scenes of devastation in Japan go away, water receded, flames extinguished, lives restored, and families reunited?

In the end, all we can do is send our help, thoughts and prayers to those affected by this enormous tragedy.  People of Japan, you are in our thoughts, and we ache for you.  Yes, life goes on, and I will watch my team against Arsenal tomorrow, and root for them as usual, but I will do it with a heavy heart. A heart heavy for the people of Japan.

This is a saddened farlieonfootie for March 12.

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