Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Game Day Beer Review: Dogfish Head Brewing's Aprihop India Pale Ale

(7.0% ABV). The release of Dogfish Head's seasonal beers are something I always look forward to, and Aprihop is no exception. It pours a light reddish brown color, almost the color of iced tea, with a thin head that hangs around just long enough to get noticed. Aprihop is, appropriately enough, very hoppy on the nose.  That's the first and most overhwhelming thing I notice before I get hit with the apricots -- they're definitely there even before I've tasted the beer -- and some pine notes kick in, as well. The beer is aggressively hoppy like a good IPA should be, but the finish is smoother and fruitier for my money. Nicely carbonated, and it's good; very good. Recommended: A-.

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