Sunday, March 27, 2011

Over-Matched vs. Over-Hyped

The Welsh National Team in Pre-game Warm Ups
photo by Jon Evansvia PhotoRee

So, the United Kingdom?  It was somewhat surprising -- to this American at least -- to hear the Welsh crowd in Cardiff yesterday booing the English national anthem. And then the English repaid the favor (or is it favour?).  Her Majesty must have been very pleased with her subjects by the time the game kicked off.

Herewith, a few other brief observations on a contest that was essentially over before it began:
  • The Welsh managed to pull off a neat trick: not only did they look like The Ronald McDonald All-stars in their red, white and yellow kits, they played like them, as well, as England jumped out to a quick 2-nil lead in the game's first 20 minutes.
  • England looked sharp early on, but let's remember this was a Welsh side that's been leaking goals under bossman Gary Speed. It's a bit like testing out your gameplan on a boys' U-7 side (and the B-team, at that).

  • True to form, England's play deteriorated as the game droned on, and the Three Lions looked surprisingly Arsenal-like, having a lot of the ball but not creating much in the way of chances.  Their lack of attack sharpness would be a worry to anyone over at the FA if anyone over there were awake or paying the slightest bit of attention.
  • If there is someone out there still doubting whether or not Fabio Capello is the right man to lead England, please take a look at the last 70+ minutes of the game versus Wales. Full stop.
  • Uninspired doesn't even begin to describe the team's general play, as England looked flatter than this blog today.  Unless Capello's gameplan is to bore the opposition teams into submission, England has gone well off the tracks under the Italian's so-called leadership.
  • Anyone remember these headlines?  Apprently, Capello didn't, as he named the one and same John Terry the Captain of the Three Lions.  I guess it doesn't matter what kind of character you have -- and I'm not talkimg about the personal stuff, I'm talking about behavior in the locker room -- to become Captain of England.  A very sad comment on our society....
This is farlieonfootie for March 27.

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