Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Liverpool Red Sox and Other Assorted Strange and Wonderful Stories

Photo by Nigel Wilson via Photoree

 News out of the Liverpool Board Room livened up the end of an otherwise slow day:

The Liverpool Red Sox?!  News emerged today of a major development in the battle for control of Liverpool FC, with one of the two bids received by the Board said to be coming from the owners of Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox.  Although led by the quant hedge fund manager John Henry, the potential ownership group also includes former Cosby Show Producer Tom Werner, as well as The Gray Lady of American journalism, the New York Times.  I can already see the plot for a new show developing nicely: the Curse of the Bambino strikes on Merseyside.  I for one would be fairly well satisfied with an 86-year drought between Liverpool's last League title and their next one....

This isn't the Pot Calling the Kettle Black, it's the Pot Calling the Kettle White.  Whadda joke: Mark van Bommel defends Nigel de Jong.  One of the world's dirtiest players defends another.  This is like Jack the Ripper calling Ted Bundy as a character witness. I think it could actually be done, but it would require Michael J. Fox to drive the DeLorean through the space-time continuum.

That Wasn't the Sound of the Net Ripping?  No, apparently it was Chelsea defender Alex's thigh that ended up in shreds, with the injury most likely induced by his cannon-like strike against Arsenal on Saturday.  [Ed note: I fid it a bit ironic that the goal reminded me of a cannon strike, and Arsenal's logo on the weekly EPL preview show is an animated cannon blasting away from a fortified rampart.  Maybe Chelsea should assume the logo now?]  The Brazilian defender will now miss a couple of international matches and at least one league match as he recuperates.

Them's Fighting Words.  In an interview that no doubt deserves a locker room post-up, Michael Essien claims that City are now Chelsea's closest title rivals.  My sense is that a certain red team in Manchester may have something to say about this before all is said and done this season.

Loving it.  Speaking of the Citizens, it seems all is not well in the blue half of Manchester, as reports have emerged of a loud halftime bust-up between Roberto Mancini and Carlos Tevez.  Frustrated with Mancini's cantenacio-style of Italian football, the Citizen's captain got physical with the head coach during the interval of the Newcastle - City match on Sunday.  Surprise, surprise -- Tevez is not happy with how his coach would like to play him.  Does this ring a bell for anyone?

Maybe I'm Missing Something, but Didn't This Guy Just Re-up for Four More Years?  Ridiculous Transfer Rumor du jour: Gareth Bale to Manchester United.  Obviously nothing better to print on a slow news day in the UK.

Surely, News of Dennis Bergkamp's Return Can't Be Far Behind.  Apparently Robert Pires is currently working out with Arsenal.  Too early to tell if this will turn into Pires' return to the fold at Arsenal, a la Sol Campbell, or whether he's just trying to create some media attention in order to help his re-entry back into French football after leaving Spanish side Villareal.

As if Uncle Roy's Problems Weren't Large Enough Already, Now This.  Word has emerged that Liverpool striker Fernando Torres has suffered a recurrence of the groin injury that sidelined him for much of last season and the World Cup.  Having to rely on Dirk Kuyt and David N'Gog for offense would not seem to offer the most obvious path back to the top of the League.  I'm thinking Roy's time on Merseyside is about to expire.

And so am I.  That's farlieonfootie for October 6th.

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