Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scatter Brain

Scattered thoughts from a scattered brain, after another day full of football:

Jermaine Beckford: What a Difference a Year Makes. Last year this guy was a hero, scoring a late winner for Leeds to knock Manchester United out of the FA Cup.  This year he's coming on for Everton as an 83rd minute sub and having zero effect on today's game against Spurs. To be fair, both events happened in the same calendar year, but in different seasons. You understand what I'm trying to say, right?

Assou-Ekotto is One of Spurs' Weakest Links. The North London side is dotted with superstars -- Van der Vaart, Modric, Bale, etc. -- but as the old saying goes, you're only as good as your weakest link.  Unfortunately for Spurs, that's a link that looks like it will repeatedly be broken.

Rafael Van der Vaart Scored the Easiest Goal in the History of the Prem Today. The guy is absolutely deadly from 4 inches out. To be fair, he's absolutely deadly from just about anywhere on the pitch these days,  but not many players would have missed the opportunity Van der Vaart cashed in this afternoon.

Put me in, Coach! Oh Wait, I am the Coach.  Mick McCarthy, wearing cleats in the coaching box, looked as if we was ready to go out and play Chelsea himself today. Given the players he has at his disposal, that might not be so poor an option. 

Jersey Shore.  Carlo Ancelloti, on the other hand, looked as if he was dressed to attend a "family" dinner with his fellow Dons (and I'm not talking about those of the MK variety).  Just sayin'.

Truth be Told, Wolves Made a Good Accounting of Themselves Today. Unlike a lot of teams that head into Stamford Bridge like lambs being led to the slaughter, Wolverhampton weren't just content to sit back and wait for Chelsea to score their inevitable goal(s) at home. Wolves, in fact, actually had the audacity to attack Chelsea in front of their own fans. Just who did they think they were?

Double Take?

photo by Keith Allisonvia PhotoRee

Separated at Birth?  I'd forgotten this, but Jose Bosingwa looks remarkably like Yankees closer Mariano Rivera. Anyone else find themselves wondering why Bosingwa's first Chelsea appearance in almost year comes the day after the Yankees lose in the American League Championship Series....?  Coincidence or not...?

Sales of Chewing Gum Must be on the Rise in England if the per capita consumption of EPL managers is any indication. I spotted Carlo Ancellotti chomping away today in lieu of his normal cigarette habit.

Kalou's New Look

photo by tohoscopevia PhotoRee

Muscle Man.  Does anyone else think that Solomon Kalou may have stolen Didier Drogba's steroids, er I mean vitamins?  The guy used to be one of those scrawny types that got sand kicked in his face in the Charles Atlas ads, but lately he looks like Sammy Sosa in his prime. Either that, or he's started wearing much tighter jerseys. Kalou can't stop scoring, either, and his picture used to be right next to the definition of the word "useless" in the Chelsea media guide. I wonder if there's any connection.....

Game Day Beer Review: Brouwerij Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet (8.40% ABV).  Poured a hazy golden color, with a thick head of pure white that gradually dissipated, leaving behind only minimal lacing.  Highly carbonated in a refreshing way.  Typical belgian yeastiness up front mixed with a small hint of hops on the finish, this beer manages to be both sweet and spicy at the same time.  Very drinkable despite the high alcohol level: A-   

The beer may be sweet and spicy, but Im not; I'm farlieonfootie for October 24.

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