Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Davey and Goliath

photo by Fried Doughvia PhotoRee

Thoughts on finally viewing some live (ok, tivo'ed to be completely honest, and watched later at night) football yesterday, when England played traditional Euro power Montenegro:

- Do All 600,000 People Living in Montenegro Have Surnames Ending in-vic?  It certainly sounded as if it's a governmental requirement, as announcer Martin Tyler reeled off one -vic after another: Bozovic, Ivanovic, Djalovic, Novakovic and more.  Credit to Tyler for keeping them all straight.

- Losing Serbia Has Turned Montenegro into a Football Superpower. Based, at least, on last night's performance, as well as the Montenegran minnows' results to date in Euro qualifying.  Four shutouts in four games is not bad when you're starting center back is no longer named Vidic.

- England Was Much Too Slow in the First Half, completely off the pace required, and gave Montenegro ample time to marshal their defense.  It seemed as if  England's play took forever to develop, as they were unable to play the ballthrough mid-field quickly enough to open up attacking space....

- The 2nd Half Didn't Look Much Better.  Sure, England looked dangerous in fits and starts, and even came close to scoring on one or two occasions, but they were also an 83rd minute crossbar away from losing 1-nil to Montenegro.  I repeat: 1-nil to Montenegro.  At home.  Enough said.

- Roo's Confidence Must be Well and Truly Shattered.  I know he's not playing well, but backing off 2nd-half free kicks so that Ashley Young and Adam Johnson could take them? That's a new feature to his game, and something that never would have happened last season.

- Game Day Beer Review: Watched the game while drinking a Dogfish Head 2010 Punkin Ale.  Loved this beer last year, but don't find this year's version quite as compelling.  The pumpkin spices, including cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg, seem  more muted than I remember, and the malt flavoring more pronounced.  Still, an excellent beer from one of my favorite American breweries.  Rating: B+

I'd be Remiss (negligent?) if I didn't at least touch on the Liverpool situation: I think it's quite funny that a Manchester United fan could end up owning the club.  Although it's far from certain at this late hour, Peter Lim, who made at least a portion of his vast fortune through the ownership of 14 Manchester United-themed bars in Asia, could be installed by the High Court today as the new owner at Liverpool.  Maybe they'll become a Manchester United farm team, kinda like the Toledo Mud Hens.  A decision is due from the court at 4:30am EST.  Stay tuned.

I'm staying tuned, as well.  This is farlieonfootie for October 13.

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