Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Going, Going.... Gone?

photo by rafaelmarquez via PhotoRee

I Wonder if  They'll Broadcast it in HD.  The raging battle for control of Liverpool FC moves to Britain's High Court today, as the Royal Bank of Scotland tries to stop current [Ed. Note: now apparently former] owners Hicks and Gillette from removing several of the club's directors who voted for the sale to New England Sports Ventures and replace them with directors more favorable to their point of view.  All chips are in, and it's up to the Court to decide the venerable EPL club's fate.  Prospective NESV head honcho, John Henry, has taken the battle to social media, tweeting today for the first time in over a year, and telling Liverpool supporters that they're "all rooting for the same thing."

Late Word (or is it early word, since we're in the US) out of England has it that Hicks doesn't even own his shares anymore.  Who owns them?  Mill Financial, of course.  Talk about dirty laundry being aired in public.  I knew a "loan-to-own" hedge fund would get involved in this fiasco before too long....  And Mill Financial seems to be offering a bid of its own for Liverpool.  Stay tuned.

Buddy Movie.  Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is in the news again, this time for saying he prefers his time managing in England to all the other countries in which he has been in charge.  In brief but insightful comments, Mourinho also stated that his best friend among all the world's football coaches is none other than Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.  I smell a sequel: "Return to Old Trafford: This Time He's in Charge!"

Some Refreshing Honesty For a Change.  Admitting that his focus hasn't been there for the season's first seven league games, United winger Park Ji Sung has pledged to improve going forward.  It's a good thing Park is from South Korea, and not its neighbor to the North, as an admission of this kind up there would have led to seven years hard labor under the Dear Leader's football program.  Unfortunately, Park's rebound in form will have to wait a few more days, as late word out of the Korean camp has Park being scratched for today's friendly against Japan [Ed. Note: can Korea and Japan actually play a "friendly"?  I thought those guys hated each other.]

Great Goal.  Don't miss this video of Scotland Under-21 star Chris Maguire scoring directly from a kick off.  Goalies, you have been warned!

So French.  New Le Bleus bossman Laurent Blanc has concluded that a psychological profiler was best equipped to help him decide who his next captain should be  Armed with a 50 question test that was administered to all players, the profiler is tasked with helping Blanc assess his best leader.  I wonder who Clarice Starling will pick....

I'm outta here.  And that's farlieonfootie for October 12.

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