Thursday, October 17, 2013

Not Much to Say, and Oh So Much Time In Which to To Do It

Tomato Aspic and Bibb Lettuce Salad
Photo by Dylan Hardesty

Some none-too-important ramblings from your daily correspondent:
o Boy, it sure is lonely in here at the head office with the entire staff out on international break.  There've been no quick missives and a general overall lack of sonnets in iambic pentameter praising Luis Suarez from Correspondent Scott, no creepy sexual innuendos or tasteless, off-color jokes to deal with in Correspondent Ed's absence, and just a general lack of anything even resembling a presence from Correpsondent James -- who faithfully turned in expense reports as if he was on the Spurs' beat at White Hart Lane, but left it for the forensic accountants to discover he was instead covering high school crew regattas in Sarasota, Florida.  
o We'll all be back together tonight, though, one big happy family at the 10th Annual farlieonfootie Football Correspondents Dinner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida -- a ceremony draped in pomp and circumstance, but one generally reserved for some of the lesser lights of American football coverage.  The best way to describe the event is to say it's like the White House Correspondents Dinner minus the President.  And Conan O'Brien as the emcee.  And the B-list celebrities and other assorted famous people.  Also, no jokes are told.  None.  As in, not one.  All in all, actually, it's a fairly somber, staid affair, at which the merits of the minor league Moldivan football are heatedly debated, and the food consists mainly of assorted types of canned beans and tomato aspic.

What the farlieonfootie Football Correspondents's Dinner is NOT Like

o We did have some excitement over the international break, though -- at least you can't claim that CONCACAF was boring.  Uninspired?  Yes.  Not so skillful?  Okay, twist our arm. Uneventful?  No way.  The twist and turns that occurred Tuesday night between 10:30 and 11:30pm EST were enough to confuse even a pretzel maker.   Suffice it to say that Mexico was out of the World Cup until their arch-rival the USA put them back in.  Confused?  Yeah, so were we. And we'll leave it at that.

This is farlieonfootie for October 17.

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