Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5 Thoughts on Liverpool

Photo by Stephen S.

Scott has been studying up on the Reds:

o Back near the top of the table in second place after 6 games or, as I like to call it, 16% of the season, Liverpool fans everywhere are cautiously, one-by-one, allowing themselves to believe.  Chelsea, Tottenham and City, I believe, have stronger talent and Arsenal have won 5 on the trot.  But after a trio of 1-0 wins to begin the season, with a healthy Daniel Sturridge and a temporarily-sane Luis Suarez, Reds fans everywhere are praying for goals to continue raining for Liverpool. 

o My omission of United from the above was not accidental.  If memory serves, I was the only one among my illustrious colleagues who predicted that the Red Devils of Manchester would finish outside of the top 4.  84% of the season has yet to be played but, in case things change, I need to point out my prescience now.  Of course, I also picked Arsenal to finish 6th….

o Ahh, the Sturridge/Suarez combination - two of the best strikers in the league, at their prime, both in form and, thus far, unselfish in their mutual play.  Let’s hope my smile doesn’t turn to grimace upon a future Suarez meltdown.  Perhaps child number two, to whom he dedicated his goals on Sunday via a non-regulation undershirt, has pushed the Uruguayan finally over the edge to maturity.  In any case, he better maintain the current chumminess with his striker partner who plattered up both of his goals.

o I was relieved to see a 3-5-2 formation against Sunderland after the abominable formation that included 4 center backs the week before.  Not only did it enable Suarez and Sturridge to both remain up top instead of one being pushed wide or into the hole, but it also allowed for a midfield transition that was completely nonexistent last game.  Kudos to Brendan Rodgers for realizing his mistake and adapting his lineup to his personnel.

o Is it just me or will it be almost like Christmas when Philippe Coutinho returns to this ever-improving Liverpool side?

This is farlieonfootie for October 2.

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