Friday, October 11, 2013

SAS (Sturridge and Suarez)

It's early days, but Scott likes what he sees:

SAS - Sturridge and Suarez. Really?  Let’s hope it lasts longer than Beniffer.

As much as I dislike cute acronyms (unless I make them up), you have to admit that SAS, after only a few games together, have the look of a duo that can strike fear into the hearts of EPL teams for as long as they decide to stay together.  Kudos again must be given to Brendan Rodgers for going with a formation that allows the two most in-form strikers in the league to occupy the field at the same time.  Maybe it’s too early to jump on the SAS bandwagon but I have the reins gripped tightly in both hands as I whoop and holler something along the lines of “giddy-up.” 

Steven Gerrard scoring from the penalty spot against Crystal Palace last weekend seemed merely an afterthought to the sumptuous link-up play between SAS that resulted in 2 goals, one each, between minutes 13 and 16.  That Liverpool coasted after arriving at a 3-0 lead is something that must be remedied – especially given that the Reds have turned their noses up at second halves this season much like my son does to cold broccoli – it would be good to get after it but they would rather not.  You would think that the fact they are second in the table instead of first is only due to not scoring another goal in any of several second halves, would be enough to finally crunch some cold cruciferous cabbage cousin.

Excessive alliteration aside, it would be nice to do more than jog around the field anytime the game clock exceeds 45 minutes.  Perhaps the return of Philippe Coutinho and Glen Johnson will help. It certainly can’t hurt.  In fact, adding those two dynamic players to this machine that is just now starting to fire on all cylinders (albeit only in the first half) just might catapult Liverpool from the realm of “remember when” to that of “holy crap, don’t screw this up.”

But they better hurry up.  Because as much as the Kop is swooning over the play of SAS, the defending has been only adequate in the last couple games and, despite now having at least one true winger in Jose Enrique, there is still a dearth of control in the midfield.  A midfield maestro to calm the nerves of the whole team would be a welcome addition.  Victor Moses provides some of this but, when coupled with Coutinho, the Nigerian should truly show his colors and provide a firm connection between the final third and the forward third.

This is farlieonfootie for October 11.  

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