Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Game Day Beer Review: Rodenbach 2010 Vintage Oak Aged Flemish Red Ale (Barrel 144)

(7.00% ABV) The 2010 vintage Rodenbach poured a murky brown with an off-white head that disappeared almost immediately. 

The beer was poured into a chalice from a 750 ml bottle at the home office, and smelled mainly of a sour funk, with some depth to the scent offered by the wood aging. 

The sourness in this beer was at near perfect levels. We tasted cherries, crisp apples and grapes in the beer -- it was lip-puckering perfection in a glass. The Rodenbach finished relatively dry, and the alcohol made itself apparent only near the end as the beer warmed. 

The Rodenbach was highly carbonated and refreshing as hell. We absolutely loved this beer -- it's a classic of the style. A 

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