Friday, September 13, 2013

Ten Questions for Moyes

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We're only three games in, and although not a lot of time to draw strong conclusions, there has been at least enough action to warrant a few questions regarding Manchester United's current campaign:

o When will David Moyes start winning the big games?  Sure, it's nice to get three points on the road at Swansea, but the Manager still does not have a "signature" victory over a top club that will ease up the pressure.  Surely it will come, but when?

o Where is Shinji Kagawa?  Does he fit in David Moyes' plans, or will he remain on the outside looking in?  How do you say "angry and confused" in Japanese?

o Ditto Chicharito.  This guy has got to be worried about getting playing time in a  World Cup year -- providing Mexico can actually qualify for the Big Dance.  Will the Mexican see more playing time going forward, or will he remain the team's fourth striking option -- or worse..?

o Who will Marouane Fellaini knock to the bench?  What does his arrival mean for Tom Cleverley and Anderson?  And are we now saying Darren Fletcher's career is, in fact, over?

o How much longer will the Manager stick with Cleverley?  Our guess is he'll be odd man out come this weekend, but the choice will be Mr. Moyes alone.

o What about Louis Zaha?  What are we to make of the fact that, despite the winger being one of the more impressive men on the ball in the Reds' pre-season tour, the Manager has preferred the likes of Ashley Young, Nani and Antonio Valencia to the new boy.  Will Zaha finally see some playing time, or will he be a bit player this season?

o Does Moyes understand that Ryan Giggs is almost 40?  We love the Welsh Wizard, but give the guy a rest, please.  

o Is Moyes worried that the lack of creativity in an offense that has failed to produce a goal in over 180 minutes of football?  Or does he believe his team just hasn't received the breaks during the last two games?

o Is the Manager concerned that his much-publicized pursuit of Leighton Baines and Fabio Coentrao will unsettle Patrice Evra?  Or does he believe it will motivate him?

o What about Fabio and Alexander Buttner?  Do they now understand they are fourth and fifth choice to play left back, respectively, and how exactly does that make them feel?

We'll find out some answers sooner rather than later.  And we may never find out full answers to some of the questions posed.  For now, this is an un-superstitious farlieonfootie wishing you all good luck on Friday, September 13.

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