Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spurs on Wheels

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Photo by Glen Martucci

Ed is happy, for now:

Ever since that game the week before this week I've been just too excited. . . . too excited . . . . but I don't totally wan't to say it because I may just jinx it, but it's my job, kinda, or sort of, or, well, I don't really get paid for it but regardless here it goes……

Spurs are pretty good.

Damnit!!  Can't believe I let it out.

Christian Erikson as a number 10 who's calm with the ball and gracefully creative?  Yep.  Changes the whole dynamic of these Spurs.  Tough in the holding two with Moussa Dembele and Paulinho (and Sandro and Capoue -- what is that depth?), and graceful and purposeful up front with Erikson and Roberto Soldado.  And while Andros Townsend takes too many bad shots -- too many!! -- at least he's not hurt all the time and appears the threat.  And he might not even have to start because Eric Llamela looks pretty darn good also.  And Nasir Chadli and even Gylfi Sigurdsson is in on the action freed up of some space with all these other playmakers.

Spurs are pretty good.

Last year they go into a game like Cardiff and Man City all over it losing that one after dominating and banging it off every part of the woodwork and every part of a ridiculously lucky/good goalkeeper.  But this year, this year they win it with a fancy flick in the 93rd minute.  And it wasn't even Bale!!

Yes I just said Bale but I didn't have to.  Loved Gareth Bale and can't wait to see him back in the EPL but it's going to take some time and money.  Oh, he'll be fine at Real, not unbelievable but pretty darn good so don't worry about him.  And yes, they paid too much for him but that's their problem not ours and they got half back anyway and they also probably make another quarter back from merchandise and who cares really because the bankrupt Spanish government is subsidizing the whole thing anyhow???  Well, maybe Germany cares, I guess.

Spurs are pretty good.

Oops I said it again.  Will they beat Chelsea?  Kind of like their chances.  Are they better than City?  Don't know, on some days maybe.  Will they finish top four?  Chelsea, City, United, Arsenal, Liverpool -- will all of them finish ahead of Spurs this year?  Don't know, but only have to put off two of 'em.  And isn't it weird to see Liverpool and United and even Chelsea all kinda down while Spurs are kinda up?  So different.  How'd that happen?  I suspect it's cause….

Spurs are pretty good.

Now let's go get us a new stadium so we can compete with the big boys every year, shall we?!?!

This is farlieonfootie for September 25.

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