Friday, September 27, 2013

Game Day Beer Review: 7venth Sun Brewery Mangrove Rum Barrel Aged Imperial IPA

(10.00% ABV) Mangrove Double IPA was poured from a growler into a IPA glass designed by Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada Brewing. The beer was drunk on a recent Sunday afternoon while watching NFL football.

Mangrove DIPA poured a thick orangish-gold with yellow highlights. The beer had a better than decent head of pure white bubbles.

The beer's smell was all tropical fruits and yeast -- almost intoxicating just by itself. We smelled pineapple and papaya, with a rum scent underlying it all. The hoppiness of the IPA was just barely there, lurking right below the surface.

Holy cow, was there there a lot going on in the beer's taste...!  The beer was big and buttery on the outset, tropically fruity in the middle and the hops remained fairly well hidden; we tasted pineapple and orange mainly on the ultra smooth finish. This beer was incredible, definitely elite in its class. A

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