Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rose-Colored Picks for the Season

Scott Must Have Watched His Pre-Season Football Through Lenses of This Color
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Deluded doesn't even begin to describe this latest post from Scott:
It’s really more about eliciting the desired response from you and the legions of readers than about getting it right…
It seems de rigueur at this juncture to post predictions for the final table standings.  And in order to quell the nerves of you loyal readers who are still swooning over farlieonfootie’s pick of Chelsea to win the league over the Manchester reds, I will happily place my beloved Liverpool higher than anyone with any knowledge of the current state of the Barclay's Premier League.  Herewith, this rose-spectacled Correspondent’s bold predictions:
1)   ChelseaThey had the defensive sturdiness, the midfield creativity and striking power.  Now they have the return of the Special One who just seems to win no matter where he goes, coaxing the best from his players, even if it is in the form of a scorched-earth policy.  Romelu Lukaku is set to have a monster year as long as he is given the minutes.
2)   Manchester CityEven with the loss of Carlos Tevez and a new manager coming on board, this is another team with an embarrassment of talent who will trump their in-city rivals.  Edin Dzeko will step up and continue to do what he does every time afforded the opportunity – score lots of goals.  Silva will continue to delight and the defense will hold strong.
3)   TottenhamIf Gareth Bale stays, their new additions will push them over the hump that has conspired to keep them out of the Champions League.
4)   LiverpoolBy hook or by crook (read “Luis Suarez”) the Reds will finish top 4 this year.  Luis will stay at least until January, Daniel Sturridge will come into his own, Phillipe Coutinho will wave his wand weekly under the direction of a healthy Steven Gerrard and Daniel Agger will be flanked by the industrious pair of Jose Enrique and Glen Johnson in front of the mighty Sebastian Mignolet.  What could possibly go wrong?

5)   Manchester UnitedAn unhappy Wayne Rooney is offset by the god-like Robin Van Persie but a still-suspect midfield and a continually-hobbled defense will prove too much for David Moyes who will face cries for his ouster after his first year but will rebound well in his second.
6)   ArsenalThe Professor’s luck will finally run out when the Gunners start slowly again but never recover this time.
There you have it.  You’ll Never Walk Alone but, aside from Liverpudlians, I know I’m alone with this ranking.  Time to cue the Liverpool Chants app on my iPhone….
This is farlieonfootie for Augst 17.

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