Monday, August 19, 2013

Game Day Beer Review: Moa Brewing American Pale Ale

Ed's Beer May Be Kiwi, But His Tatstes are Pure American

(5.50% ABV) Life is good as I'm sitting here in sunny San Fran watching the preliminary action for the America's Cup and enjoying some of New Zealand's Moa Pale Ale.  The brewer's flagship beer has an IPA feel, but it's just slightly milder with hints of citrus and sunshine. 
As I drink away, the wind carries some ocean cold over the bay and the youth teams whip by.  In the distance, the Italian entry, the Luna Rosa, goes full bore with it's motor entourage doing their best to keep pace.  These boats are 75 feet long and can move at an astonishing 45 knots as they rise up and literally fly across the bay.
Moa is a nice brew that I would surely try again.  But the brewery and its investors have global ambitions that according to news reports are running into a strong head wind.  Can Moa tack back in the right direction, and keep up with their lofty goals?  Maybe, but distinguishing themselves will be difficult, and as all the racers on the bay know, forcing it is no recipe for taking home the Cup.

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