Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Obsequious Fawning: Week 1 in the Barclay's Premier League

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Week one is in the bag, and farlieonfootie's regularly insightful and often irrelevant insights on the Premier League are back for your reading pleasure:

o Don't know about you, but we were left scratching our collective heads over the style of football that Sparky is attempting to play at Stoke City....  If "no possession and relatively few chances" are what the Potters' owners had in mind when they sacked Tony Pulis in search of a new footballing identity, then we guess they're well on track.

o After watching Sunderland lose at home to Fulham this Saturday, we're wondering if Jozy Altidore will live to regret his move from the Eredivisie to the Prem.  Racking up 30 goals a season will give a striker some confidence, and Jozy's recent play for the US National Team has shown that he was positively coursing with self assurance after his year in Holland. But playing for a Sunderland side that looks as if they could be relegation fodder could have a belief-sapping effect on the young American. Only time will tell, but we're already watching.

o And speaking of Jozy Altidore, his former employer -- the Hull City Tigers, for those paying attention -- were playing the role of sacrificial lambs for the love-in that was Jose Mourinho's to Stamford Bridge on Sunday. Looking more toothless than tiger-ish, Hull City showed the drastic gap in talent that often exists between the top teams in the League and those coming up from below.  And Steve Bruce, with his embarassingly obsequious fawning over the 'Happy One,' has just demonstrated once again that all great players do not turn out to make great managers. It's gonna be a long year at Hull.

o Who's mowing the pitch at the Emptyhad?  Give that man a raise.  We've always enjoyed seeing some personality in grass trimming, and City's home had it in spades on Monday evening.  Would the rest of the League groundsmen please take note?

o City quickly showed what they're made of under new coach Manuel Pellegrini: all smooth moves and scintillatingly fast and free-flowing football.  But while the blues' attack looked revved and ready, Jesus Navas' and Sergio Aguero's injury play acting showed that the Citizens' new Spanish coach has managed to bring La Liga theatrics to England, in addition to its foootballing style. Welcome to the new Barcelona, Man City fans -- one without Lio Messi.

o Congratulations to Robin Van Persie, our farlieonfootie Player of the Week for the round.  While several players had braces, none were nearly so stylish as the Dutchmans.

This is farlieonfootie for August 21.

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