Friday, August 16, 2013

My Bottom (tee hee!!) and the Top Four

Another Day, Another Cable Car for Correspondent Ed
photo by deeleeavia PhotoRee
Ed took some time off from mapping San Francisco's cable car system to file this report:
It's so painfully annoying when FoF picks the favorites to win each season, and then congratulates himself when they go on to do so.  Well, here's to going out on a limb, beginning with the Relegation Zone.
20.  Hull City Tigers.  These guys never stay up.  Plus I think Steve Bruce has a proven track record of mediocrity. 
19.  Norwich.  I think the efforts of the last coach will wear off and leave them with the less than inspiring methods of the new. 
18.  Cardiff City.  They will make it happen for most of the year but their luck will run out in the end despite the hard work of Frazer Campbell.
17.  Crystal Palace.  Will they really survive?  Well, here's hoping Ian Holloway can pull it off.  Marouanne Chamahk?  Well, Ian even made Charlie Adam into an all BPL player, so why not?
And now the Top Four:
1.  Chelsea.  I hate to agree with FoF, but the Special One knows how to win leagues.  I expect less in Europe, though, unless they get a real striker.
2.  Damned United!  Too much talent and a tough new coach gets them here.  Unless RVP gets hurt (odds are he's out 1/3 of the season this year) and Rooney is gone, in which case no amount of HGH is going to get Ryan Giggs to pull them into the top four.
3.  Manchester City.  These guys are good -- and deep -- and have a coach who's not a nut.  Watch out United, you may end up as Manchester's B-side.

4.  Spurs.  If they keep Gareth Bale, then they can pull off third.  If not, drop them into 6th.

Can't wait for the games to begin!!!
This is farlieonfootie for August 16.

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