Wednesday, August 28, 2013

At Least We've Got a Good Head of Hair: Week 2 in the Barclay's Premier League

Week two is done and dusted, and farlieonfootie's regularly insightful and often irrelevant insights on the Premier League are here for your reading pleasure:

o You've got to hand it to the English, who use their own language better than any other speakers of the mother tongue -- no surprise there, in that they invented it.  But just try to imagine an American broadcaster describing the scene in Cardiff, as the home team walked onto a Premier League pitch for the first time in over 50 years, by saying "[The atmosphere] borders on the febrile." A US announcer talking in such a manner would soon find himself on the unemployment line for "talking over the heads" of his listeners. Instead, we say well done Jon Champion.
On our Shores....the Head of Hair Rules
o Meanwhile, over on our shores.... Does NBC's Kyle Martino have one fine head of hair, or what?! The part alone is worth whatever amount NBC are paying him to offer his opinions on the Barclay's Premier League. But overwhelming evidence to the contrary,  don't confuse Martino with a certain hair obsessed primadonna:  We're willing to bet he doesn't have an assistant whose job is to fluff and heat up his sweaters with a hairdryer so they're just the right temperature....

o And then back to England again: Steve Bruce is looking more like Jabba the Hut every week now.

o If you looked up the term "scrappy" in the dictionary, you couldn't possibly come up with a better definiton than this: a game of football in which Marouanne Chamakh, Charlie Adam and Ryan Shawcross score all the goals.

o This Spurs side is going to be good this season -- Daniel Levy has bought well -- but at times on Sunday they looked a bit like 11 people who hadn't met each other more than an hour prior to kickoff.

o Is it just is, or does Big Sam always look like he's just returned from an all night boozer...?

o Jonjo Shelvey's second half penalty on Sunday was almost 20 minutes in the making. The seeds for the egregiously poor call -- it was never a penalty -- were sown when Referee Neil Swarbrick managed to somehow see Shelvey's first half challenge -- it's always a penalty -- as occurring outside the box. Someone must have informed Swarbrick of his howler during the interval, and from that time forward the Swans were playing on thin ice every time Tottenham had the ball in the box.

o Welcome to the Barclay's Premier League, SeƱor Pellegrini. Those road wins aren't as easy as they look on television, are they?

o Player of the Week: Ex-Red Devil Frazier Campbell scored two late goals -- one of his chest and another off his head -- to earn a deserved three points for Cardiff City in their home opener against the visiting Citizens from Manchester. Campbell's brace ensured that the blue half of Manchester will have to wait just a bit longer before planning their victory parade....
This is farlieonfootie for August 28.

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