Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Butthead: Round 17 in the BPL

photo by foxypar4via PhotoRee

It's difficult to be too lighthearted in our remarks on the weekend's returns given the tragic events in Connecticut this past Friday, but we'll do our best to keep the focus on sports:

o For as meekly as fourth place Spurs played on Sunday, they looked positively buccaneering compared to the pale imitation of Swansea that turned up at White Hart Lane. Offering a 90 minute effort devoid of shots on goals -- their novel game plan evidently involved giving Hugo Lloris the day off -- Swansea played as if they believed their aim was mid-pitch possession, with each sideways and backward pass representing another scoring opportunity. Unfortunately for the men from Wales, the only pass that counted was Jan Vertonghen's into the back of the net, which is why Spurs find themselves occupying the fourth and final Champions League spot at week's end.

o Who said Chelsea's Fernando Torres couldn't score a last minute, big-time goal in a game with a trophy on the line, just like his predecessor Didier Drogba...? Wait.... He was offside? Never mind.

o We couldn't be bothered to watch any of QPR's victory over a flaccid Fulham side -- let's be honest, did you? -- but we did see the highlights. Two things stood out in our minds: Fulham made it 88 minutes into the game without doing a single thing -- a single thing! -- that the producers of Premier League Week in Review found noteworthy, and the most unlikely of images came in the immediate post-game aftermath, as Uncle Harry roamed the sideline looking to hug anything that moved to celebrate Rangers' first win of the season and found....Martin Jol. Naturally, the stolid Dutchman hugged back.  We guess there... is a heart in there after all....

o Christian Benteke is our Player of the Week. The Congolese Belgian netted twice in Villa's destruction of Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday, and has been a key figure in Paul Lambert's Aston Villa mid-season turnaround.

o And finally, Marouanne Fellaini is in deep doo doo after targeting Ryan Shawcross with his head on Saturday. If only the Belgian has headed the ball as well as he did the Stoke skipper's face, perhaps Everton would still be in fourth place.

This is farlieonfootie for December 18.

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