Sunday, December 9, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Russian River Brewing Redemption Belgian Pale Ale

(5.15% ABV)  Rounding out the trio of beers sampled during a recent trip to the Russian River Brewing brewpub in Santa Rosa, California, is Redemption, a Belgian Pale Ale.  The beer, as shown above, was poured on draft into a goblet. It was a clear, deep golden color with the palest white head imaginable. Although the head looked delicate, it left behind a heavy white sheen as it dissipated.

While the beer's visuals were impeccable, it smell was fairly mild. Nothing spectacular stood out on for this reviewer.

Redemption tasted to us like a somewhat muted Belgian ale. The heritage is definitely there, but it seemed much more subtle in the presentation than those coming from across the pond. We tasted  Belgian yeast and some slight candy syrup, as well as the distinct bite of apples.  We liked the beer, but only third best of the three we sampled while there: B+

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