Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Russian River Brewing Pliny the Elder Imperial IPA

(8.00% ABV) Poured from a 510 ML brown bottle bought at the  brewpub into a plastic solo cup.  This beer was drunk less than a week after it was bottled -- and if you read the label ("drink fresh, do not age," etc.) you'll realize how important this fresh quality is in the brewer's eyes. 

Pliny poured a deep cherry goldish color, almost the color of a strong Shirley Temple. The clear white head settled down quickly.

The smell is apparent even before it's even lifted to the nose: it's piny and fruity.  Upon a closer smell the resinous hops dominate, although there are some tropical fruits such as pineapple mixed in, and maybe some mint and other floral tastes, as well. 

Hop bitterness is the first thing you notice on the taste, although they're not overboard. The beer is dry and chalky in the middle and finishes with an oily hop resin on the aftertaste. It's medium bodied with relatively low carbonation.

It's an insanely, almost mezmerizingly drinkable beer, especially with the high ABV:  A+ 

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