Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Game Day Beer Review: Bieres de Chimay Speciale Cent Cinquante Tripel Ale

(10.00% ABV) Brewed to honor the 150th Anniversary of the world famous Chimay abbey and brewery, Cent Cinquante poured a pale yellow at the bottom and darker gold color on top. Absolutely alive with carbonation, the beer had a massive white head which would not recede.

Upon pouring, the yeast was noticeable from across the room. The beer had a slight barnyard straw smell, backed by a citrusy lemon and orange zest.

Cent Cinquante yielded a rich, yeasty taste, and it was oh, so smooth. The beer was crisp and clean, and offered tart apple flavors. The booze was quite well hidden for such a high ABV beer.

We'll gladly wait another 150 years for another beer from a brewery that's this good. Buy it if you can find it: A

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