Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Can't Fight That Feeling Anymore

Journey 79
Columnist Ed sobered up from the office holiday party just long enough to phone this one in:

o December and January seem to be the time in the BPL when everything reverts back to the mean.  Manchester United start winning big, the promoted clubs start losing, and whatever teams Roy Hodgson and Martin O'Neill are coaching start making their way up the table.  My fantasy team is also reverting to the mean -- as in the middle of the table -- despite what can only be described as beautiful play.  But more about that some other time.

o Just how bad does the Fernando Torres deal look these days?  It remains shocking to me that someone so dominant could become so bad.  Equally amazing is how someone like Luis Suarez can look so good and yet never score or be responsible for a goal.  Liverpool's problem is that they took the crazy money they received for Torres and bought two guys with 7 goals between them.  Not good enough.

o SkySports has done it to ESPN again, this time with Olivia Godfrey.  Ubba.  Dubba.

o Clint Dempsey is not a left halfback or a winger.  He plays the number 9 (and sometimes the number 10 position) and he does a good job of it.  Time for Martin Jol to start him in the position he always ends up in.  He's the best guy on the team, after all.

o I'm looking forward to Landon Donovan's return to Everton.  Too bad for him that this Everton side is worse than the one he played for before.  Also too bad Spurs didn't move for him.  They could use an extra winger for the seemingly always injured Rafael Van der Vaart.

o I liked Uncle Harry putting Gareth Bale front and center against Norwich.  They had no match for his speed and ability.  It was nice to see him in a position to score after he beats people rather than merely cross the ball.  Funny to remember when he played left fullback and the team could never win when he was in the lineup.

o Clearly Daniel Sturridge is the most dangerous player on Chelsea right now.  He may not be the most gifted footballer out there, but his speed and athleticism are at a different level.  Why doesn't the USA have more guys like that?  I suspect they're all playing wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals.

o Emmanuel Adebayor is very fast, and he does a good job holding up the ball, but he's overrated as a passer, shooter and in possession.  He definitely provided energy to Spurs, but he's probably only worth what Spurs are paying him and not the additional amount City is on the hook for.

o Manchester United are looking awesome, but they still only do so with Ryan Giggs in the lineup.  They must pick up a replacement at some point, don't you think?  What, all the money in the bank out on loan?  And how good has Dimitar Berbatov looked lately?  Play him or let him go.  Please?!

o Despite the excessive amount of Indigo Girls and Journey (seriously, how did REO Speedwagon get left out?  Surely FOF can't fight that feelin' anymore?) the FOF holiday party was truly special as all our writers and staff came together for the first time in memory, and everyone got to make a wish while giving the Boss a noogie.  Plus, the Boss refrained from doing his "I am a golden god!" bellyflop off the roof into the pool.  Unfortunately, though, I understand there was yet another incident involving a magician and a hot tub.   "Ta Da!"


Just make a wish.  Who can fight that feelin' any more?

This is farlieonfootie for December 31.

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