Thursday, December 8, 2011

Excuses, Excuses: FC Basel 2 - Manchester United 1

photo by edwin.11via PhotoRee

  • Too slow
  • Too much through the middle
  • Not enough wing play
  • Too old
  • Too young
  • Injury to Vidic was a major blow
  • Rooney's out of form
  • No midfield
  • Chicharito injured
  • Berbatov injured
  • Owen injured
  • Anderson injured
  • Carrick suspended
  • Smalling fell asleep
  • Lindegaard would have stopped that shot
  • Ashley Young can't handle big games
  • Rio's lost a step
  • No Da Silva twins
  • Fletcher's still sick
  • No Paul Scholes this year
  • Too muddy in front of goal
  • European ref didn't call the game the right way
  • Lucky bounce
  • Jonny Evans' is a disaster waiting to happen
  • Too nervous
  • Rooney's more focused on his England suspension than the Basel game
  • Tom Cleverly was needed to provide creativity
  • Should've put on Welbeck sooner
Bottom Line?: Just not good enough this season. 

Glory, Glory Man United!

This is farlieonfootie for December 8.

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