Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us

First birthday cake
Columnist Ed prepared us a delicious egg and dairy-free lemon cake.  Photo by Fimb, via Flickr

farlieonfootie turns one today!  A year ago, all the hoopla started with this witty piece, and many expected that would be all she wrote.  But...surprise!  With only the slightest vision of where we'd eventually end up, a year later and 394 blog entries down the drain -- plus a few beers or two -- and just look what we've become!

Okay, so it's not much, I know, but we'll keep trying, and maybe eventually we'll get it right....

In truth, it's incredibly hard to believe it's already been a year since we began this effort.  Where has the time gone....?

You may think that on an occasion as august as this I'd like to thank our team of crack correspondents -- regular contributors Ed and Scott, in particular; semi-regular and ever faithful Spurs' and part-time beer correspondent James; our semi-semi-regular bloggers Ian and Coach Tom (Are you out on probation yet?  I can not believe the police didn't buy your story....!), and even our long-lost La Liga man Todd -- but then again, why should I?

They've all been handsomely paid for their work, have a large and growing crack research staff at their total disposal, and enjoy the finest in corporate luxuries -- we serve caviar from vending machines around these parts....  So, as per usual, they should all be thanking me for giving them the best opportunity they've ever had to be a part of an enterprise so large and successful.   You're welcome, boys.

If you've enjoyed our blogging wit, well then you're one of the few.

If you've learned something about the game we all love, you've got to get out more often.

And if you've tried one of our recommended beers, my apologies -- often times we drink so much that we have no recollection whatsoever as to what we've just written.

But don't you worry: if you find us distasteful, offensive, ignorant and mouthy, you ain't seen nothin' yet.  Sit back and relax -- this won't hurt a bit.

This a celebratory farlieonfootie for September 21, ready to begin Year Two!

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  1. I cannot believe you made it a year despite my constant prayers and intercessions for your painful demise. Congratulations to you, Mr. Farlieonfootie, but know this is not over.

    Carlos T.