Thursday, February 17, 2011

Questions for Cesc, Pep and Arsene

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So now that we're all done with the most-hyped game of the year, farlieonfootie has a few questions that we're attempting to answer:

Did the Arsenal - Barcelona Champions League game live up to the hype? 
I'd say so. And more. It was a great game, the kind that turns neophytes into fans for life.

Did you call the 2-1 Arsenal victory?
No, I thought it would be a 2-2 draw.  I haven't bought into the "best squad ever" hype for Barcelona yet.  And if you doubt my prediction, look it up here.

What did you base your prediction on?
Gut feeling, as well as the knowledge that Barca has never won on the road under Guardiola in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Does Arsenal spray paint it's pitch, or is it always that unnaturally verdant? 
Maybe the colors on my television were off, but man, that pitch is bright. Glowing may be a more apt description.

What kind of idiot wears a scarf that's half Arsenal and half Barcelona? 
Apparently the kind of idiot that populated the Emirates last evening.

Did Lionel Messi actually miss a shot last night with the goal wide open? 
He sure did, and I didn't know that was possible.  He may need to go back to the shop for a re-boot.

Do any teams pass into empty space better than Barcelona and Arsenal? 
None that I'm aware of.  Although there was decent defending, I saw more open pitch on display in Wednesday's game than in most, courtesy of the tiki-taka pinpoint passes coming off the feet of players on both sides of the pitch.

Does David Villa finish Lionel Messi's sentences, too? 
He and the diminutive Argentine have an incredible understanding, which was on brilliant display during the game's first goal.  The two  players seem to know telepathically where the other one will turn up even before the first motion is made.

Speakign of Villa, why was he wearing long sleeves in the first half and short sleeves in the second? 
I don't know. I guess scoring goals makes you hot.

Does Arsene Wenger own gloves? 
I'm unsure, but based on last night's evidence, I don't believe so. Either that, or Le Professor prefers to keep his bare hands balled up in the sleeves of his extra long puffa coat because he likes it.

Did Samir Nasri steal Wenger's gloves?
Probably not, but he better have a good excuse for wearing short sleeves AND gloves.  Either you're cold or you're not.

How did Victor Valdes get beaten by Robin Van Persie on the near post? 
I have no wordly idea. I bet he's still trying to figure it out, too.

What happened to the Robin Van Persie who's scored ten goals in his last seven games? 
It took a little while, but he finally showed up. The guy wearing his uniform in the first half looked to have two left feet, his shooting limp and listless. His effort was better in the second half, though, and it turned the game in the Gunners' favor.  Make it eleven in his last eight for those of you keeping track.

What did you make of Jack Wilshere's game? 
I thought we has pretty influential in the first half, a little bit less so in the  second. He definitely has potential.  Capello would be wise to drop the aging "ards" (Lampard and Gerrard) and start building his English midfield around young Jack.

Could the tie be any more finely balanced? 
No. Full stop. It sets up a very dramatic date at the Camp Nou in three weeks' time. I, for one, can't wait.

This is farlieonfootie for February 17.

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  1. Wilshire was even better than that putting in an outstanding performance and starting the run that led to the deciding goal.

    Valdes missed that goal because he was cheating for the pass. He did it several times in the match. That's called overconfidence and it cost them the game.

    The center defense of arsenal played their best game of the year. But they actually match up well against barcelona because barcelona is incapable of outphysicalling you the way theteams in the EPL can.

    Barcelona doesn't get enough credit for their defense. When the opposition gets the ball they go all out until they get it back.

    Oh, and Arsenal with a good and confident goalie? That only took, like, 3 years.

    Nice to see the EPL notch up another....

    --- Corresp. Ed