Monday, February 14, 2011

Flippin' Channels

photo by David Reber's Hammer Photographyvia PhotoRee

  • Juve played Inter yesterday. Another game played in a blanket of fog in Italy. Am I missing something or does every third game in Italy consist of a fog shrouded stadium from which the fans can barely see the product on the pitch? Very atmospheric, but maybe not so good for business in the long run. 
  • By the way, who's the guy who does the commentary for Fox Soccer Channel's broadcasts of the Serie A? He makes me want to slit my wrists. He's monotone even when he gets excited, and his accent mixes Irish and Italian, creating a bizzare linguistic experience. He's worth listening to, though, if you ever find yourself overly excited -- he's guaranteed to bring you back down to earth.
  • Real Madrid with ten men -- due to Iker Casillas' early and deserved red card -- are still better than most teams with eleven on the pitch. Real put Espanyol to the sword yesterday after being shorthanded, and could easily have score four or more golazos with slightly better finishing. Never mind, though, the result was still good enough for Mou's men to pick up two points on the Blaugrana, leaving them five points adrift of the leaders after this weekend.

  • Tim Cahill returned for Everton Sunday afternoon to play Bolton, fresh off his play in the Asian Cup.  I don't know about you, but Tim Cahill doesn't look Asian to me. I realize Asia is geographically closer to Australia than Europe or the UK are, but I'm still slightly puzzled that Australia and New Zealand are considered "Asian" countries.
  • Just who is Maroune Fellaini trying to kid with his Harpo Marx wig?  Like, seriously guy: that look for white men went out circa 1975. Unless it's still considered au courant in Fellaini's birthplace (Belgium), where it may be, as  au courant is a French expression.....  In any event, back to Fellaini -- I can't take him seriously as a footballer with that curly mop of growth on top of his head. One of the Jackson Five?  Yes. Everton midfielder?  No.

This is a lovestruck farlieonfootie for February 14.

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