Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Abject and Powerless: Sunderland 2 - Manchester United 1

Is that all they got?
photo by Phillie Casablancavia PhotoRee

Unlike Sir Alex and Sir Bobby, we had to find ways to keep ourselves amused last night watching the very latest drab display of football from Manchester United.  So, to match the modicum of effort put out by the players in a 2-1 loss to bottom-of-the-table Sunderland, we condensed our usual player reviews to only one word per each half played, viz:

De Gea: Beaten and Spotted. 5.0

Rafael: Useful but Mouthy. 4.5

Vidic: Upset and Heady. 5.5

Evans: Blocked and Covered. 5.0

Evra: Hand-y and Unimpressive. 4.5

Valencia: Missing and Predictable. 4.0

Carrick: Deep and Puzzling. 4.5

Cleverley: Useless and Again. 2.0

Giggs: Offside and Fading. 4.0

Januzaj: Energetic and Determined. 6.0

Welbeck: Lethargic and Lonely. 4.5


Smalling (Evans), 61: Handfull 4.5

Fletcher (Cleverley), 74: Surprising 5.5

Hernandez (Valencia), 87: Tardy N/A

This is a GloryHunting farlieonfootie for January 8.

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