Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming Alive: Liverpool 2 - Bournemouth 0 in the FA Cup

photo by wanderinghomevia PhotoRee

Scott still believes in the Magic of the Cup:
Thank goodness this weekend's Liverpool contest was an FA Cup game against Championship side Bournemouth and not a Premier League game against anyone, let alone any of the Top 7.  To say Liverpool started poorly and with no pep is to say a corpse is a little off-color and languid.  The Reds (actually wearing white, perhaps befitting the metaphorical pallor) were comprehensively bossed by the lively Bournemouth squad for the first 20 minutes.  Unable to keep possession, constantly chasing the ball and errant passes were only a few of their misdeeds.  Clearly this was due to the fact that Brendan Rodgers was resting many key players for this week’s Merseyside derby.  Actually, no, because there was a lineup featuring Gerrard and Suarez and Sturridge and Coutinho and Skrtl and Henderson…  OK, so Brad Jones was in goal.  But he’s not the one committing any of the aforementioned grievances, even if he did do some fumbling of his own.
Fortunately, in the 26th minute, Victor Moses emerged from the shadowy recesses where he has been hiding, when not underperforming on the pitch.  His deft touch to settle Luis Suarez’ pass was so sublime I found myself rewinding several times and calling the kids in to watch.  His finish was less than perfect, and lacked much power, but was effective nonetheless and provided just the thing to take the edge off for the visitors.
Stumbling with a little more balance to and past halftime, it was Suarez again providing the assist, this time to Sturridge, a beautifully weighted through-pass.  Sturridge’s finish was authoritative,  precise and, best of all, with his right foot.  This coming in the 60th minute, Liverpool finally cruised from there with Bournemouth not really threatening too much after that and Liverpool unlucky to not score again.  Interestingly, even when Suarez doesn’t score, he gets two assists.  Just sayin’….
This is farlieonfootie for January 28.

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