Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spy vs. Spy: Intercepted Spurs' Correspondence

Spy vs. Spy
Photo by Terry Robinson on Flickr
Despite numerous assurances to the contrary, it appears the National Security Agency is still spying on ordinary Americans -- and ordinary is exactly the way that we would describe the level of insight in this recently intercepted dispatch between Correspondents Ed and James:
[James]: For the record, I think Daniel Levy is a freaking moron and AVB is not far behind.
[Ed]: It's really hard to know.  If AVB was the personnel guy, then he couldn't get it done with his own players and it's hard to judge Levy other than for bringing him in only to relieve him so quickly.  Only the players know who is truly to blame -- maybe both of them....
[James]: AVB got his tactics colossaly wrong on too many occasions.  You can't play the likes of Dawson and Kaboul in a high line and insist on playing guys like Soldado and Defoe as lone strikers.  On the other hand, they spend £100 million to bring in essentially six versions of the same player over two years, while still thin at center half and full back.
[Ed]: And only one striker.  And no top tier guy. 
[James]: But hey, they still netted £10 million after Gareth Bale and wage savings...!  They can't get anyone good mid-season.

[Ed]: You can't question Levy's negotiating skills....  It will be interesting to see what a new coach does. I hope they get someone good.... I imagine Uncle 'arry is wondering what he could've done with £100 million.
[James]: It'll be Tim Sherwood as season-long Interim Manager in my opinion.  There was a really good article in the Telegraph about how Levy f-ed up the Moutinho deal at the last minute over £1/2 million.  Negotiation Skills: you get what you pay for....  Most of the guys they got are young with "sell-on" value.  So who gives a s-t if they all play the same position?  Make it work, Mr. Manager, and get us the Top Four and win the Europa league.....  And, oh, play exciting, attacking football.
[Ed]: Hah!  We saw from the beginning that they needed more creative guys...plus they're more fun to watch.  Arsenal just spent £40 million for one guy and now look amazing.  World class talent is where it's at.

[James]: So what world class manager worth a crap is going to take on that assignment and work for Daniel Levy?
[Ed]: The guy stuck in Russia.
[James]: Fabio Capello?  You think we're boring now....
[Ed]: I'm not saying he's who I want.
[James]: Plus, Capello has balls, he's actually won s-t.  I don't see him putting up with Levy....  Spurs have the expectations of Manchester United and the budget of Sunderland.  *Poisoned Chalice*
This is farlieonfootie for December 17.

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