Friday, December 20, 2013

Coming of Age: Some Thoughts on Luis Suarez

"Coming of Age"
Photo by National Library of Ireland on Flickr

Thoughts from our Liverpool-loving Correspondent Scott, so naturally just a bit biased:

Has Luis Suarez’ behavior turned a corner? Maybe. He has certainly dialed down the antics and I have not seen him dive for quite some time (while others in the league continue to flop). Sure, he’s not afraid to sully his uniform if slightly tripped in a favorable position. But that will always be a part of the game – and one could argue that the slight trip was the result of the skill and dexterity that caused the defender to slightly blunder. In the end, maybe Mrs. Suarez’ reported strong input with her husband has come to good effect. As a Liverpool fan and a more-than-occasional defender of our beloved sport, I certainly hope so.

Still, the skeptic in me looks at the success the Uruguayan has been having in terms of goals and wins. It’s always easier to be a good sport when things are going your way. After all, he didn’t chomp on Branislov Ivanovic after netting a hat-trick. The true test of Suarez’ “new” character will be when he is, eventually and inevitably, stifled and frustrated by successive defenses.

On the one hand, I hope that never happens because, especially now with Steve Gerrard out, along with the previously injured Daniel Sturridge, now more than ever we Kopites are relying on our talented number 7. On the other hand, it would be a true coming-of-age moment if/when the feisty forward learns to self-soothe in the midst of a frustrating rough patch. Could he possibly have truly changed? I think so. Remember, he is only 26 and recently welcomed his second child into the world. Nothing makes you grow up faster than having to abdicate your immaturity in favor of your children. Except maybe a displeased wife.

This is farlieonfootie for December 20.

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