Saturday, December 7, 2013

Simply Sublime: Liverpool 5 - Norwich City 1

Photo by Rebecca Dubell on Flickr

Scott's been in 7th Heaven since Wednesday:

Sipping a pricey (for me anyway) Pinot Noir that was purchased for Thanksgiving dinner but, ultimately, deemed above the collective appreciation level of the quaffing family and friends in attendance (snobbery, I know), I settled down for a comfortable viewing of the Liverpool v Norwich match. And despite the final result, the first 10 minutes were anything but comfortable as the visitors had the more and better chances with both teams surrendering sloppily.  Fear of a Hull City hangover gripped as tightly as I my glass of oenophile pleasure.

Fortunately, the stemware was given a reprieve as Liverpool began to work more into the game around the 15th minute and then Luis Suarez started his nearly-one-man show in the 16th minute with a déjà vu shot from just inside midfield that caught poor Ruddy out yet again.

Despite Norwich working around as if they were the home team near the 20th minute, Liverpool stepped up the pressure with Philippe Coutinho harassing incessantly.  This led to Suarez' second of the game, this time from a deftly finished shot off a corner.  Might this be a third hat-trick against poor Norwich who have been made the Uruguayan's collective bitch?  That question is answered a mere 6 minutes later when an effort of sheer brilliance completes said hat-trick.  The scoop around the defender was sublime, as was the patience to wait the half-second longer needed for the next defender to think he was going to cut back, before he half-volleyed a rocket into the side netting.  The announcer was absolutely gushing about Suarez' brilliance, and deservedly so.

After the interval, Suarez showed his unselfish side as he repeatedly passed instead of shot and left freekicks to others.  That is, until the 75th minute when he shouldered the freekick duty himself and magnificently dispatched the effort over the wall and into the netting for his 4th of the evening.  That Norwich pulled back an equalizer was offset by Suarez setting up Raheem Sterling for the final tally of the evening.

There is no point in going on and on about the ability of Suarez and his talent – it is simply sublime.  It is clearly there for all to see and we hope is stays in Liverpool for all to see for longer.  But one other thing about the game that is worth pointing out is the relentless efforts by Liverpool to play the ball out of the back.  Clearly this is a mandate of Brendan Rodgers as defenders, midfielders and goalie alike calmly bat the ball around amidst swarming forwards.  That they do so without mistakes bodes well for the future, even if a certain Slovak struggles with his touch at times.

This is farlieonfootie for December 7.

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