Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On Why We're Angry and Confused

photo by Arturo J. Paniaguavia PhotoRee

You think Wayne Rooney is angry and confused?  Here's a couple of things we've been dying to clear up, as well:

o David Luiz plus any amount of cash as a makeweight for Roo?  Please.  We'd rather see Luis Suarez walk through the tunnel at Old Trafford every week than be forced to cheer for Sideshow Bob.  If we're going to take a horse's ass, at least let's take one who knows how to play football.

o Did the Special One become so unhinged in Spain that he thought he could get one over on his rivals by publicly unsettling a player curently under contract?  Credit to David Moyes and the new press-friendly Manchester United PR department for leaking the inclusion of Juan Mata or Luiz in the proposed deal.  True or not, Moysie returned Chelsea's aggressive serve with a bullet aimed directly at Mou's ankles.

o Hmmm, let's see: Cristiano or Fellaini?  Thiago....or Fellaini....?  Fabregas.....OR Fellaini....?  ANYONE or Fellaini??!!  Why can't Moyes just admit he wants his former fro-laden hitman to follow him to Old Trafford?  Perhaps it's because he knows this now highly-likely move will be greeted with a massive sigh of resignation from the club's worldwide fanbase.

o Sepp Blatter is just now figuring out that it's hot in Qatar in the summer?  "...[Y]ou can't play football in the summer," Blatter said Wednesday. "You can cool down the stadiums but you can't cool down the whole country."  Umm, then why did FIFA award a tournament traditionally played during the summer to a place where it can't be played at that time?  Mind if we see your bank account, please, Mr. Blatter?
o Where did all the Jurgen haters go?  Apparently eight games without a defeat has a way of silencing the critics.  Even while giving their top players a summer break, the Nats are looking like the team to beat in this year's Gold Cup. 
This is an incensed and bewildered farlieonfootie for July 17.

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