Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Deep (but Mediocre)

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It's not like Ed to make snap judgments and all, but check out the last paragraph -- a highly uninformed opinion!:
o Watching the USA B-team paste the El Salvador B-team was enjoyable. Well, the US team did have 'A' players such as Landon Donovan and a few others, but still it's nice to see. I think unlike years gone by, the US actually has some depth. Granted, the teams they are playing in the Gold Cup are poor, but what better way to handle that then to absolutely crush them?
Players that impressed me from the roster included Mix Diskerud and Joe Corona. Both were good on the ball, though Corona was the better of the two. Obviously Donovan and Eddie Johnson appeared to be athletes of a completely different level, but it was still nice to see Klinsmann get time for the next team and have them perform. While this is just a small part of what he will ultimately be judged on, it's hard not to be happy with the direction of the US program right now. I must admit I had my concerns (and still do) when I heard (and continue to hear) that tactics aren't something he has worked on. But to a large extent personnel is policy as can be seen by the adjustment against El Salvador to spread them out with Eddie Johnson, a player that I had yet to see much from on the international stage.

o How much did PSG pay for Cavani? $84MM?? The amount seems outlandish until you consider how much we've been paying these families in the Middle East over the years. Well, it still seems outlandish. If it does anything it may actually slow down the exchange of top tier players as everyone thinks they should get that amount now. Was he worth it? Not unless he gets them a Champions League victory.

o What happened to Liverpool? They seem so second-tier these days. They haven't signed a new top talent player since Luis Suarez, and it seems now they are moving him without any plans to sign another top ten player. Liverpool just aren't in the game right now. The money seems too much for Mr. Henry to handle. Whenever teams talk about bringing in top young players, it always seems to me the way of being cheep. Let me put it more starkly:  Would Messi be to old for Liverpool, or just too expensive?

o Tired of hearing about where Wayne Rooney is going? I am. Though for some reason I still hold out the possibility for Spurs. My prediction: he'll be really good his first year out at United, but then he'll fall into his old habits and get a little lazy.

o Watching Bayern Munich absolutely blister its opponents from the Bundesliga in a pre-season tournament was educational. Ribery and Robben are top talents, and the rest of the team is built to win. Pep already is leaving an imprint on their style. If the preseason is any indication, the rest of the world should be on notice that they might be playing for second place.

o Did Manchester United bring in anyone of note yet? That's right, they're still working on Fabregas. My prediction: No Fabregas. This will make for a rocky start for Moyes, especially with the Rooney situation. Got to think he's a goner at United.

This is farlieonfootie for July 23.

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