Sunday, June 9, 2013

Observations: USA 2 - Jamaica 1

photo by psdvia PhotoRee

Tapping into some stream of consciousness from Correspondent Ed's mind.  We think this is related to the US Mens National Team's 2-1 victory in Kingston, Jamaica on Friday night:

Our left and right backs are beaten routinely.

There is absolutely no midfield when move the ball forward.

Omar Gonzalez just kicks it like a KC stopper.

Jozy Altidore is never onside.

Jermaine Jones: typical heavy touches.

Fabian Johnson is awful; he looks like a high school player.

Graham Zusi is the most creative American at this point.

The camera work for the game is awful; the stadium looks like it was made without help of an architect.

US: strong defense on corner kicks.

There's no one more disdainful then Clint Dempsey after he's been fouled.

Damarcus Beasley may be even worse going forward than he is at back.

Easy long balls in space we head forward mindlessly instead of trapping.

They just love bombing it forward to no one from the back.

Brad Evans has Beasley-level incompetence going forward.

We're unable to hold ball against Jamaica.

Edgar Castillo comes in for Fabian Johnson and, somehow, he looks even worse.  Plus he's the size of a Under-10 player.

Our players appear to have no confidence in their ability, with the exceptions of Dempsey, Bradley and Zusi.

We don't seem to have any player who can take on someone and beat them. Not one.

Not even our striker.

Especially not our striker who is a pure old style number 9 holder

We are the most passive team on breaks, never knowing what to do.

Still giving up yuck counters on long balls w 5 minutes left.

Zusi a bit of a defensive liability.

Eddie Johnson looks better on paper than on the field.

At least they don't give up!

This is farlieonfootie for June 9.

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