Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Game Day Beer Review: Abita Brewing Andygator Maibock

(8.00% ABV) Poured recently at Zatarain's Kitchen, located inside Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, Louisiana. Andygator was served in a 16 oz. plastic cup and appeared a warm caramel hold color with an ultra-fluffy white head. 

The beer smelled primarily of malt, and served as a very nice accompaniment to my meal of sausage, red beans and rice, taking the heat out of some of the liberal Tabasco usage. 

It was an easy drinker, too, with a relatively light mouthfeel and low carbonation. It was surprisingly sweet up front, with  malt flavor in the middle and tropical fruit on the finish.  We wouldn't call it a prototypical maibock, but we liked it just the same. B

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