Friday, June 14, 2013

Transfer Talk

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Somewhat surprisingly, Scott manages to work an allusion to Clay Aiken into an article on, among other things, Jose Mourinho:

I am humbled by Correspondent Ed's recent rash of prolificacy.  And since his blanketing coverage of the US international team renders my planned comments superfluous, I'll shift to European transfer news.

You have to admit - the offseason player transfer and coaching carousel drama is fun. The annual shuffling of the BPL deck of cards has us reading the headlines and rumor lines scouring for how the hands will ultimately be dealt. Sure, most of the cards stick together, but enough of them are flipped to another team to make the summer just about bearable. Yes, we have World Cup Qualifying to tide us over too (not to mention Ed's pertinent, persistent posts), but a few games over the whole summer doesn't sate this addiction.

Neymar to Barcelona - many have opined on this move with the majority having yearned for a BPL test instead of another Barca chess piece. I agree. I want to see everybody ply their trade in the BPL at some point. Even Messi.

Martinez to Everton - I'm happy that the Spaniard will get to continue to have his name bastardized by BPL commentators, even as his beloved Wigan will have to claw their way back again from the Championship (is that a stupid name for the second league or what?).   My affinity for all things Spanish (outside of a certain Catalan team, of course) is well documented but I also believe that Martinez will bring an attractive form of attacking soccer to the other Liverpool team.

Suarez to Real Madrid? - We'll see.  Liverpool says he's not for sale despite the Uruguayan's increasingly vocal desire to move away from those nasty British media members who have dared to call him out for his idiotic behavior.  Quite frankly, I think toothy taunts are going to follow him no matter where he goes.  He might as well stay with a team that has supported him throughout and clearly values him.  Plus, we could use his goals, despite at least one article suggesting that Sturridge would thrive without having to make room for Suarez.

Mourinho to Chelsea - Ho hum.  This eventual announcement was about as surprising as Clay Aiken's coming out.  The Special/Lucky One is back in London to sprinkle his press conferences with more "I's" than a clutter of spiders could manage.  Nobody doubts that he will be successful.  Nor should they doubt that he will depart within 5 years, leaving behind yet another program in disarray.  But it should be good fun in the meantime and maybe he'll help the Media get over a Suarez departure.

This is farlieonfootie for June 14.

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