Friday, May 10, 2013

The Evil Emperor: Perspective from a Liverpool Fan

Scott in happier days....
photo by scragzvia PhotoRee

At least Correspondent Scott has never claimed to be unbiased. Here are this Liverpool fan's thoughts on Sir Alex' departure, and the appointment of David Moyes as his successor at Manchester United:

Darth Ferguson’s Evil MU Empire is coming to an end.  I have mixed emotions.  On the one hand, I can’t imagine another manager having the same success he has had over the past 26 years, so his departure should bode well for Liverpool and all the other Premier League teams.  On the other hand, after two 2-1 losses (fraught with burglary and buggery) to his Evil Empire this season, it is excruciating never to have another shot at putting the red-faced Scot in his place.  I feel like Lucy not only moved the football for the umpteenth time, but then up and walked home with it leaving me alone to stew in my zig-zaggy shirt.  Curse you, Darth Ferguson!

Even more curses upon the appointment of David Moyes to succeed the Dark Lord.  Despite the requisite Liverpudlian rivalry, I respect, admire and, yes, even like the Evertonian Scot who has consistently punched above his budget for a decade-plus in the Premier League.  Yet, sadly, it is inevitable that, like young Anakin, Moyes will be seduced by the Dark Side and I will have the happy literary license of consonant alliteration when I forevermore (until he is replaced) refer to him as Darth David.

This is farlieonfootie for May 10. 

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