Thursday, May 23, 2013

Self Congratulatory

photo by What Makes The Pie Shops Tick?via PhotoRee

Even though this may drive Correspondent Ed to drink (even more), let's look at exactly how right we were when farlieonfootie made its second annual predictions for the 2013 Barclay's Premier League season....

Hmmmm, let's see.  Here's the way we called it WAY BACK in August 2012:

Champion:    Manchester United
Runner up:    Manchester City
Third:           Chelsea
Fourth:         Arsenal
Fifth:            Spurs

SO, we managed not only to name all of the top five the teams, we got the order 100% correct, too (for those who don't believe it, look it up).  Not bad for rank amateurs....  Kind of makes you wonder why they play the season, doesn't it?

And as long as we're wallowing in self indulgent praise, let's see what else farlieonfootie put on paper (okay, the web, to be 100% accurate) back on August 17, 2012 that looks semi-brilliant now, starting with this little gem:

..."[W]e believe the biggest move of the summer has...been...the announcement that Manchester United finally landed their man in the person of Robin Van Persie."

Yup, we were right.  Again.

And this one: 

..."City's All-Star lineup will be enough to see off all but the sternest of challengers.  We admire their firepower, but don't think it will measure up to a revamped United this time around."

Correct!  Give that man a dollar!!

How about this one?:

"If Chelsea's third, then surely Arsenal must be fourth, correct?  Why, yes in fact, we do think Arsenal will finish fourth this season....  Wenger hasn't missed a Champions League spot in years, and we don't see him doing it this time, either."

Geez, that one's got to doubly hurt, Ed.  Sorry about that.

And finally:

"Spurs will likely puzzle their way into fifth spot, touring Europe's lesser-known garden spots in the Europa League once again."

Enjoy Bucharest, Ed.  We hear it's the true garden spot of Europe.

This is farlieonfootie for May 24, predicting another wonderful day for everyone but Correspondent Ed, who will slowly sit and fume at his fate.

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