Friday, May 3, 2013

Luis Who?

Luis Suarez is More Than Just a State of Mind for Correspondent Scott
photo by .Martin.via PhotoRee

Even when winning 6-0, Scott can't stop talking -- or writing -- about Luis.  It's a man crush kind of sort of thing....

Rarely has a furor been forgotten so quickly as when Liverpool poured in six goals against flailing Newcastle in only the first of Luis Suarez's 10-match ban for his zombie-sans-rotting-flesh act.  Playing right from the start as if they were as hungry as the punished Uruguayan, it was only three minutes in when Daniel Agger's glancing header got the party started.

After that, with Philippe Coutinho conducting the ensemble, Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge each netted twice and Fabio Borini added another for good measure. Borini can be forgiven his energetic celebration of a goal that put the visitors up 5-0, given that he was a mere 34 seconds back from lengthy injury, having come on as a substitute in the second half. Although, I won't be having my children examine the Italian's technique as it was a healthy slice of toe that propelled his score past a very competent but completely overwhelmed Toon 'keeper. 

Meanwhile, despite two scores and inspired play throughout his time on the pitch, Sturridge seemed to contract a tricky case of cocklaphobia. So paralyzed was he with his irrational fear that, with two goals already to his name, he couldn't even bring himself to shoot (nor find the dismayed Coutinho to his right) when put through on goal in the late stages. 

But while the doctor may struggle to cure Sturridge's unfortunately-named ailment, a six goal drubbing, even against the likes of a floundering Toon side, was exactly what the metaphorical M.D. ordered.  Here's hoping the Reds comply with the full regimen of amoxicillin teamwork by finishing the season in similar style. Hey, maybe it can also cure capricious cannibalism...

This is farlieonfootie for May 3.

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