Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Game Day Beer Review: Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project Fluffy White Rabbits Tripel Ale

photo by rossjlvia PhotoRee

(8.5% ABV)   An excellent beer from a very talented husband and wife team that are "gypsy brewers" in the Boston area -- meaning they don't own their own brewery, but they aren't contract brewing, either.  Instead, the Pretty Things team controls all aspects of the brewing process in someone else's brewery while their beer is under production.  The duo are very hands on during the beer making process, and it clearly shows.  We were fortunate enough to taste their most recent effort last week:

Fluffy White Rabbits poured a brilliant deep gold color, with a tiny whisp of a head noticeable. Fluffy White Rabbits also left behind some lacing and a trail of clear alcohol on the side of the glass, a testament to the legs in the beer.

The beer smelled primarily of hops and peppery spices, with a subtle note of Belgian yeast also apparent.

Fluffy White Rabbits combined an orange citrus flavor married with the drying restraint of hops and Belgian yeast. The beer offered a relatively viscous mouthfeel with nice carbonation. Recommended. A-

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