Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know

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He somehow arranged for a paid summer vacation from his most generous of employers.  But all good things must come to an end, and now it's time for Correspondent Ed to make his way back to the home office:

It's 80 something degrees and I'm descending down into the New Jersey transit on my way to somewhere near Newark when I hear the glorious sound in the distance of Spurs fans singing.  Oh, it's so quiet at first, like the small echo of the voices of all those tiny little beautiful Who's in Whoville on Christmas Eve, but yes, it's there, and it's getting louder and louder as I descend:

Oh when the Spurs
Go marching in

Oh when the Spurs go marching in!!

And so begins the 2012 to 2013 season, and not unlike a 60-something Madonna peep-show/concert, I'm back in your FOF grill, covering your favorite footie from Milan to Minsk.  So let the eggings of the boss-man farlieonfootie begin!!!

And as I sit at the 50 yard line of the stellar Red Bulls Stadium, fighting of the rays of burning sunshine and checking out the "Yids from Austin" sign in the upper decks, I couldn't help but think back to days gone by with that favorite uncle that I never met.  And yes, even though our new AVB looks so pret-a-porter, I have to admit that when they fired Uncle Harry at the end of last year I pulled a full Katy Perry, as in:

In another life

I would make you stay

So I don't have to say you were

The one who got away

The one who got away. . . .

Holy-no-way-I-just-heard-it-in-my-head in the acoustic version.  Seriously, I'm totally crying right now.  Damn you, Katy Perry!!!

And speaking of tears, what's going on with Luka Modric?  This is death by deli slicer!  I think we all need some closure.  Luka's right, he's not worth 40MM pounds, but he was so dreamy on the pitch for Spurs, wasn't he?  He may not have had much of a shot, and yes, he was a defensive liability, but his control and creativity made the Spurs so much fun to watch.

In another life

We'd keep all our promises

Be us against the world . . . .

Wow, I'm totally drowning some tears in my Boddington's Pub Ale right now (The cream soda of beers, 4.7% ABV, smoother than a new necktie and reliable as a best man, B+).  Especially now that I'm watching Tom Huddlestone and Jake Livermore absolutely brutalize the middle of the pitch against the Red Bulls.  They look more like middle linebackers than holding midfielders.  Ugh.

But at least there's Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson.  Perfect name and a perfect Spurs player -- not dominant, but great on the ball, creative, and a terrific finisher.  Not sure why Swansea sold himand not sure how Spurs won that battle to sign him.  The only question is where does VdV play?  If they can keep him happy it would be nice to do what the top tier clubs do and have them both.  Dare we dream?  Or do we just dare to do?


Gareth Bale is looking a men among boys this evening, but he's still an outside midfielder and not an effective striker.  As they say in Kansas, It is what it is, AVB, let's leave him on the left where he belongs.

It's also nice to see a central defense that isn't made of the patchwork and claymation that was Ledley King.  You know we love you, Ledley, but at the end of last year you looked too much like I do when I try to get out of my car when it's parked to close to my minivan.  So yes, Jan Vertonghen (Gezundheit!) is a welcome and necessary addition.

As for AVB, well, he should make for an entertaining year even though I don't expect a top four finish (let's set our sights on top six and hope for the best).  He seems to love what he does ,though I remain concerned that he's way too young to be at this level.  Sometimes we believe youth provides a fresh new perspective when in fact you just end up with naive exuberance.  Wait -- dark and dreary Corresp. Ed just overstated that:  I think AVB's got a chance and will play fun football to watch, I just suspect we'll all have to endure some growing pains.

So hear we go, preseason is over and the Big Show will be kicking off again soon.  And now I'm home watching Sky Sports news and smiling about the prospects of the Exciting and New when that teaser Natalie Sawyer (stop slaying me with those wry british smiles, Natalie!!) sends me over to....Harry Redknapp. 

Harry's talking about Spurs and Luka Madrid, and he's standing near a white tent on a golf course.  It all seems so strange -- like he was lost in the same limbo as his former Croatian star.  Harry brought us so much joy over the past 4 years; he did as good a job as any or perhaps a better job than any.  But now it's over and the EPL just keeps calm and carries on without him.  I try to conjure up some emotion but this is the cruel what have you done for me lately world of professional sports.  And somehow even Harry's become just . . . someone that I used to know.

This is farlieonfootie for August 15.

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  1. Correspondent Ed is back with a witty, pop-lyrical vengeance. Bravo!